Let us take a little time to see this cute girl :D
At first, I tried to find inspiration on YouTube to find the source of the new entry at my blog. And I'm suddenly attracted to one of the Youtube celebrity better known as "Magibon" or the name of her channel "MRirian". Why im so attracted to Magibon? as a man we would all be attracted to it right? Thats normal ~ hahaha ... Who is she? Let me tell a bit about Magibon Chan, based on what I see.
If you haven’t heard of her, Magibon is one of the most popular vloggers on YouTube. Her real name is Margaret Lillian Adams aka Magibon was born in Florida, but now lives in Pennsylvania. Magibon is an American Internet personality and YouTube celebrity on the video-sharing website YouTube.
That's where it gets interesting??...Magibon doesn’t do anything in her videos like we see b4. She just stares, blinks, and smiles at the camera. Occasionally she’ll say something in badly accented Japanese, like “pizza is delicious” or “I am studying Japanese.” she speaks in a child-like voice in japanese.  Sometimes she plays video games.  Sometimes she alternates reading with eating HUGE pizzas.  She usually ends her videos flashing the peace sign pose. Despite doing nothing in her videos, Magibon has somehow amassed millions of pageviews and has spawned a huge following of fans, haters, and imitators. Magibon looks 16, but claims to be 21, and is actually white, not Japanese again im saying!!. She’s very cute, has huge eyes, and resembles an anime character. She’s even been invited to appear on TV in Japan.
Is she as pretty as that? The answer is Hell yeah!!! she Hot!! with HELP Japanese Pop culture style make-up, selectively uses ideal camera angles, discreet lighting & added to the bulls-eye lens of her web-cam plus i think, I do not know whether it was intentional or not, she showed a bit of cleavage on her tits...the original of Magibon is not as hot or i can tell Pretty Cute what she look like. To me she like others girl, very good on finding camera angles and flattering lighting in her YouTube videos so that people thinking she was hot.... Im not blame her, that mean she is normal girl kihkihkih...
What is important is that, for me she is a creative search for abnormalities to be a celebrity on youtube and to me Magibon is success. As we know, many have become celebrities on youtube with a variety of actions that they do. But Magibon just look at her webcam without doing anything and just talk a little has become a celebrity and has millions of viewers. Would you like to do what she did? may not work as Magibon hahaha...
Last but not least, Congrat to Magibon, being able to make a difference and have millions of viewers and I hope I can be successful as you will ... but do not do like what you do hehe ;p..Okay!!! let enjoy with "The Magibon Song (日本語字幕)" by Fatblueman and the Youtuber Men's Choir.

For More Video Of Magibon pliz Visit MRirian Channel


touya said...

Hahahaha Magibon memang vlogger yang paling misteri aku pernah jumpa . Video dia kadang-kadang berapa saat jer . Bukan buat apa pun , tenung webcam .. kendian cakap sepatah ayat .

dedekconference said...

Hahahahaaha~ itulah kelainan yang dia bwat pada Penonton2 Youtube kihkih....nmpk weird tp itulah yang dia dapat....Memang lain dari lain lah apa yang dia cuba persembahkan untuk mendapat berjuta viewers...jeles pun ada gak as positive~ tahniah untuk dia~ huhuhu

Biopolymath said...

Somehow people are drawn to pretty faces (it's a fact!), then it creates a huge positive feedback.

Another case I can cite is, a random guy took a photo of a girl, uploaded it into the Internet and caused the girl to become famous. Just a simple act like that!

Cedngasngu said...

:) magibon ftw! hehe, thanks for dropping by, love the magibon stuff :D will view her channel if I have the time :D

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