This entry was very interesting to me because, so far I have only told one or a group of people who succeeded at the age of my peers. This time I want to tell someone who is successful at the early age of 83 years huhuhu~. I know it sounds common because many people are successful and the billionaire was at that age. But this time is totally different...I want to introduces someone who is successful with the current trend. We often look at youtube, most youtubers are our age. It's difficult to find an active youtubers at that age(83 years old) and have the millions of viewers. I could not resist the success of the old man named PETER OAKLEY on YouTube. Well, let me tell a bit on what I see.
Peter Oakley (born 20 August 1927) is a pensioner from Leicester, England. He is better known geriatric1927 on YouTube. Making his YouTube debut in August 2006 with Telling it all, a series of five- to ten-minute autobiographical videos, Oakley gained immediate popularity with a wide section of the YouTube community. Amongst the autobiographical details revealed in his videos are the fact that he served as a radar mechanic during World War II, that he has had a lifelong love of motorcycles, and that he lives alone as a widower and pensioner in England.
The 1st "Telling It All"
His unforeseen rise has been widely reported by international media outlets and online news sources and blogs, gaining YouTube much publicity along the way. After resisting all media attention for a long time (including requests for interviews, photographs, and attempts to identify him), insisting that he only wished to converse with the YouTube community in an informal and personal way, Oakley finally gave his first interview, for the BBC's The Money Programme, which was aired on BBC Two on 16 February 2007.
Geriatric1927 BBC Interview
By mid 2006, geriatric1927 was the most subscribed user on YouTube. His rise to the #1 position took place in just over a week. In the process, he displaced users who had been around since the site's launch over a year before, including NBC-signed Brooke Brodack. Oakley had 30,000 subscribers as of November 25, 2006, and over 53,000 subscribers as of May 24, 2010. He currently ranks as the 52nd most subscribed all time in the United Kingdom, and is the 19th most subscribed "Director" of all time in the United Kingdom. As of May 2010, Oakley has over 240 videos on YouTube under geriatric1927 with the videos all begin with what has become his catchphrase, "Hello, YouTubers", or "Good evening, YouTubers", and end with his thanking the viewers for watching and saying "Good-bye" in his soft voice.
richw4 another YouTube celebrity from London meeting the grandfather of YouTube geriatric1927
Last but not least, nothing is impossible in today's world. Age is not a barrier for us to become a successful man in any field at all. Nowadays, there is no term "late" to succeed. As Im now,  just two weeks involved in this blog, it is possible I will be a success in this field such as the successful bloggers in Malaysia that we know  "REDMUMMY." So to those who are feel that "im too old now", or feel too late to succeed ... let's change the word impossible to Im'posibble...Peace and feel success~;D

For more video The Grandfather of YouTube pliz visit geriatric1927
His First Video Upload on YouTube "first try"


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