ASS aka Agents of Secret Stuff

Today, I wanna bring you all to watch 1 of a joke movie shortfilm titled "ASS" aka "Secret Agents of Stuff"
From Left : Wesley Chan, Ryan Higa, Philip Wang, & Ted Fu 
Agents of Secret Stuff aka ASS was created by Ryan higa and collaborated with Wong Fu ProductionsI particularly enjoy their work and I hope I can do the same thing as what they are doing now. As you know, Wong Fu Productions is my idol and Ryan higa is also one of the celebrity youtubers who do funny things. When they work together to promote a shortfilm oriented jokes, it was very witty and successful.

Aden: Ryan Higa
Taylor: Arden Cho
Melvin: Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval
Tracy: HiImRawn
Agent X: Aki Aleong
Mr. Anderson: Kassem G
Bro-in-law: Philip Wang
Principal: Joe Saramago
Friend 1: Grace Su
Friend 2: Madison Owning
Friend 3: Victoria Turney
Pervert: Ian Hecox
Coach: Patrick Krebbs
Bryson: Anthony Padilla

DIRECTED by Wong Fu Productions
PRODUCED & WRITTEN by Ryan Higa & Wong Fu Productions


Behind the Scenes: "Agents of Secret Stuff"


dedekconference said...

serious shit mmmg cute!!!!aku pun sukak kekekeke

Cempakamelati said...

Syabas kepada pembuat filem ini.

dedekconference said...

Cempakamelati : Yea!!! syabas!!! itula idola saya hehehe

Chuckie Cotton said...

I was like, eh, that's Ryan.. eh, doesn';t look like him, then's him...check on the poster..LOL

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