what i mean by Gigi putih, Belacan & Paku???? do if eat belacan can make our gigi putih? or brushing our teeth with paku can make our gigi putih? hahaha ;p .....actually, what I want to say is 3 Orang Putih who can speak Malay very well....
Ben Bradshaw aka Baca or Gigi putih pun boleh
Gigi Putih or better known as Ben Bradshaw, is a student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. Has lived in Kuching, KK, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu as a teacher of the church. From there he learns a little to speak Malay. He also lives in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur for 9 months. During his in Malaysia, he felt that the people of Malaysia have good English, but he feel our slang sometimes is wrong. At the same time, he feels he has been less fluent to speak Malay & that because he wanted to make a video to teach us in English properly. And in return, we must teach him the proper slang to speak Malay.
Different with Belacan & Paku. They were fluent in Malay too, but they are very different approach. Belacan & Paku is very pleased with the Malaysian culture causes them want to do something different by others western do(in video). We have seen a lot of youtubers doing their jokes, but Belacan & Paku makes video jokes too but in Malay. That's special about Belacan & Paku, if we compare with those of other western.
sophyatid - A video for Ben Bradshaw on malay slang
teenahawk91 - A video for Belacan & Paku on asking them to make teh tarik
Ben Bradshaw Channel in Youtube
As a citizen of Malaysia with Bahasa as a first language, I really like the western countries even know to speak Malay. Malay language is not only in our country, but also from countries of Brunei, Indonesia & Singapore. With that I believe other countries will also love with Ben Bradshaw aka gigi putih, Belacan & Paku because it seems to raise the dignity of our language around the world and we should be proud of it.
Frankly speaking, I'm very jealous with them, because their collaboration in a video, and managed to do it together. That is my dream to record a video with them like just what they do. I want to meet Ben and make an interview with him while sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur when he was over here soon for Dedek Conference. And met Belacan & Paku to do an interesting drama together becoz that is my talent, hobby and dreams, like what Wong Fu Production do just now. Meet all youtube community and do something sweet. I really hope that, when they come to Kuala Lumpur, I can meet Gigi Putih, Belacan & Paku and do what i dream of....Boleh Bah Kalau Kau kan PAKU!!!? hehehe
This pic i get it from Facabook Balacan & Paku 
Last but not least, Gigi saya tak putih Ben Bradshaw, tapi saya nak sangat jumpa awak untuk temubual sebagai saya punya entry blog post akan datang kerana di dalam dedek conference BLOG saya ada buat satu segmen "DC Media" di mana ingin interview youtubers & Bloggers di Malaysia berkenaan apa yang mereka (seperti kamu) buat pada youtube mereka atau blog. I hope i can make it with you. Dan untuk Belacan & Paku saya ingin Melakukan sesuatu "sick", Mungkin bernyanyi, berlakon ke atau apa2 base on your concept video "joke" di dalam segmen "DC Entertaiment" (DC stand for Dedek Conference).. Buat masa sekarang saya belum buat apa-apa video untuk segmen2 yang di sediakan kerana masih lagi menunggu untuk membeli camera baru untuk dedek conference...Apa - Apa pun Im proud of u all & sangat meminati kamu bertiga...keep it up!!! peace
This Pic Also i get it from Facebook Gigi Putih
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