First let me express my opinion, teenagers now very good follow the trends and may have it, even though it is very expensive, as long as they a not outdated. For example HP Blackberry Bold affordable by teenagers, even Camera DSLR also affordable. Here~ I do not criticize their parents to buy expensive equipment for their children. If you can afford it,why not, right? If i was capable of too, i will have do the same thing like parent now this do. But!!! I'm not happy with....DSLR u capable to buy it, HP Blackberry also can,then why they said HANDYCAM HD SO EXPENSIVE!! Argh!!!! if u go to shop now, the price is almost a same with DSLR. To me, the trend DSLR put on the chest~ only a trend in Malaysia. The world trend now is bring their whatever type of video cam and shoot. Pliz parents, if you are able to buy your child all the expensive electronics stuff~ suggestla Handycam... WHY DO I SAY THAT!!!?(of coz im a videographer huhuhu) Still Photo only standing still .. but video u can get a MOTION~... now this u want to upload video very very easy and fast ... the trend now, people do not watch TV, people watch youtube ... V channel was closed because of youtube plus MTV is waiting for closing now.. we can express our feelings through video with cry~ ...we can see water fall from your eyes and people will be sad and get pity of u...pictures can express also~ why not??? BUT~ with helping by TEXT!!without text the pic will be a 1000 word...sometime make us missed communication....i want to show u right now "EngageMedia"...fight social problems and environmental damage using VIDEO!!! and it's FREEEE Also....Let me tell a bit of engagemedia based on what I know.

Free stuff i get from engagemedia booth
I know engagementmedia when I walked in the booths during Freedomfilmfest 2010 , i'm interested on design engagemedia..it make me stopped at the booth engagementmedia...then come one fellow, I think he might be from Indonesia because of his english accent a bit diff. So I kept it interesting to hear his explanation(doe some part i dont understand what he try to say huhu) and then he gave me a poster, some postcards & DVD video that they took for FREE!

EngageMedia is a not-for-profit video sharing website and free software project that began in March 2005. Launched in October 2006, the site focuses on video about social justice and environmental issues in Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. In addition to being a video sharing site EngageMedia develops Free and Open Source Software online video distribution tools, including a content management system based on Plone called Plumi, and conduct research into FOSS video codecs, their uptake and implementation. In June 2006 EngageMedia collaborated with CandidaTV in Rome to put on Transmission at the Forte Prenestino social centre. Transmission was a global gathering of free software developers and video activists developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy.

One of their workshop activity at Indonesia together with mamipo
The event in Rome was followed up by London, Re:Transmission, in October 2006, and Vx:Mission Amsterdam in January 2007. In May 2008 a Transmission Asia-Pacific (TXAP) event was coordinated by EngageMedia and the Jakarta based Ruangrupa near Sukabumi in West Java. The five day event brought together 55 video activists and developers from 15 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific. In addition to its Melbourne office, in December 2009, EngageMedia opened its Indonesian office in Jakarta, and continues to work with various groups, and publishing extensive range of videos from the region.At their website you also can upload, download, watch, screen, share, collaborate, act & engage as long as u be part of their team..so register now if u interested...Owh yeah IT'S FREE dowh!!!

One of their Video

Our Committee of Management presently consists of

Dr Ellie Rennie (Australia) - Swinburne University of Technology
Rachel Maher (Australia) - Freelance Journalist/Vibewire
Robert Soriano (Philippines) - Tactical Technology Collective
Barry Saunders (Australia) - Sputnik Agency
Andrew Lowenthal (Australia) - EngageMedia
Matt Abud (Australia)

Want to know more detail their bio, please click here

for more info please visit here

Last but not least...howsoever~ I am satisfied now, bcoz DSLR also can record HD video. So~ let's we together record whatever video, whether it is a reality, realistic, or current issues ...because video is better than picture .. but picture is still needed, dont worry hehehe ;p


Anonymous said...

what was that thing? dslr ? for video?

dedekconference said...

it is a DSLR camera....but it also can record video...DSLR can record video - Canon 7D, Canon 5D, Canon 60D,Nikon D90 etc...others stuff that look at the pic is additional equipment for get a better video look, we call it stabilizer... ;D

YOUsoF said...

fulamak!! cool la bendealah tu!!

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