Pete Teo
At first I did not know who is this fellow??? but~ after release 15Malaysia on August 2009, then I know the producer of 15Malaysia Shortfilm project was PETE TEO. Never thought, our country has a talented like him and the most i like is...he is sabahan huhuhu. He is a leading singer-songwriter english language in Malaysia. He is also rates an acclaimed film composer and music producer as well as a sought-after actor in what has Become known as 'Malaysian New Wave Cinema'.

Pete Teo was born 1972 in Sabah as i told bfore. Teo has released 2 solo albums Rustic Living for Urbanites & Television on his own label Redbag Music. Television subsequently became the first Malaysian record to be licensed and released in South Korea. Teo was also the first ever Malaysian artist to play at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin Texas in 2007.

Teo also independently produced a zero-budget, non-partisan, non-profit, multi-artists recording of his anti-racism composition 'Here In My Home'(MAFU). The project attracted pro bono participation from over 50 Malaysian artists, media personalities and arts activists and volunteers. In the weeks subsequent to its release, The music video for the song became one of most viralled videos in the world and reaching as high as no.3.

And then Teo released '15Malaysia' and directed by 15 young Malaysian directors, sponsored by Malaysian company P1. The project consisted of 15 short films featuring local musicians, actors and top politicians with themes such as corruption, bribery, racism and pedophilia. Distributed exclusively through the Internet to bypass stringent broadcasting censorship laws, the short film project took the nation by storm and became the most talked about popular culture event of the year. 14 million visits were made to the official website in less than 2 months and its Youtube Channel became the 10th most watched channel in the world for more than 3 weeks. The 80 minutes anthology version of the project made its world premier at the Pusan International Film Festival in October 2009 and has hitherto been invited to exhibit in the Golden Horse Film Festival(Taipei), the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and Rotterdam International Film Festival (European Premier). The project is not only historic in its popular success but is also widely regarded to be a watershed in media and political culture in Malaysia. The most proud of Pete Teo was listed as amongst the top 135 People To Watch in Asia on CNN. There is much more about him, more info please visit the website listed below

Official Website of Pete Teo
Official Blog of Pete Teo
Malaysian Artistes for Unity Official Website
15Malaysia Official Website
One of my fav shortfilm produce by 15Malaysia - Meter

Last but not least, PLEASE SAY NO!!! TO RACISM


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