On a calm day, my cousin came to my house. As usual, he wanted to meet her lover of our neighbors, and at the same time celebrating his birthday on 18 October 2010. Unfortunately I didn't  give him anything for a present of his birthday kehkehkeh. As a my present, so I bring him to go 'jogging'.....yeah jogging!!! in the 'MPS Stadium'. It's weird right?Hoh0... bring people go jogging on his birthday huhuhu ... what to do~ meiyou qian owh!!! sigh ~

Orite!!! let me introduce you all MPS stadium and tell what activities can we do & all the info that i know about the MPS stadium. In addition, I serve you all the pictures I took during our jogging

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MPS Stadium was built to provide a center of sports and activities. This construction cost estimate of RM25 million. This stadium was completed in September 1999 and was officially opened on 26th November 1999 by YB Dato 'Seri (Dr.) Haji Abu Hassan B Hj Omar, Minister of Selangor at that time.

The stadium opened in public for jogging activities ONLY . Other activities such as soccer or sports training should get approval from the stadium management. Stadium will be opened at 7.00 am - 9.00 am and 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm on weekdays. On Saturday, Sunday & public holidays, the stadium will open at 7.00 am - 9.00 am only. Further more, jogging activity will be canceled if there any sport activities or football match.

Okay! Terms and conditions of the stadium is

1. Tickets - tickets are not transferable or refundable under any circumstances

2. Any form of shooting or recording video without written permission is prohibited
(owh ~ I just know la huhuhu)

3. Bottles, cans, umbrellas, helmets, banners, fireworks, whistles, food & drink are not allowed  into the stadium

4. Smoking, eating & drinking in the wilderness areas is prohibited

5. Those under age 10 must be accompanied by parents / guardians

6. The Organizer have the right to detain anyone from entering the stadium in accordance with the rules and regulations on security staff

7. Majlis Perbandaran Selayang not be responsible for any accident or loss of property while in the stadium

If you want to use the stadium for the activities organized by you or whatever activities you want to do in the MPS stadium you can refer to
MPS website for more information :)

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my cousin Andy Aldrin Yahya, celebrating his birth 31 years on 18 October 2010. I'm so sorry no hadiah i can give it to u & just bring u go jogging in the MPS's for your healty mah kekeke... Peace & Say No To RACISM!!!


ruffey said...

memang aku lempang sapa kasi befday present ajak aku jogging ok. hahahah

dedekconference said...

kahkahkahkahkah!!!!!! abis teda duit kan~ mo bkin apa lagi...jogging lah kahkahkahkah~ ROFLOL!!!

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