FreedomFilmFest 2010

how many people a dare to document human rights. I dont think we are brave, as the festival was promoted. Not so much campaign were do to promote this festival and not many of my friends know bout the festival such as this, although I think festivals like this should be highlighted, becoz the contents of this festival is very good and useful for us to know. It is just my opinion and I hope that festivals like this would be known by all people who live in our country. It FREE mah!!

Back to FreedomFilmFest 2010, i know this fest' from my lil'bro amin, where he was told by his teacher bout freedomfilmfest 2010. Of coz we are interested becoz it is our field, and more so we just completed our shortfilm "Makbulkah Doa". FreedomFilmFestival (FFF) is the first film event of its kind in Malaysia. FFF adopts the themes encompassed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which express our aspirations for genuine justice, peace, equality and democracy.Through an annual film contest, workshops and screenings, FFF creates an annual showcase of outstanding films and documentaries focusing on social issues that affect ordinary people like HIV/AIDS, human rights, poverty and the environment; alternative films which, due to a lack of commercial backing and because of the tyranny of popular mainstream media, are out of the reach to most Malaysians.FFF is a vital event, providing a venue for the Malaysian public to use the video medium as a tool for social documentation and filmmaking.Filmmakers are better equipped now to explore and express their skills and passion to produce socially relevant films. So then my brother took me to the festival to learn the ins and outs of other people how to make a shortfilm. We learned a lot from this festival in terms of film making, human rights, and most importantly to enter the competition at the freedomfilmfest next year hehehe...

So without much to say I want to share the pictures I have taken during the festival on the run. For infomation, I want to buy a Canon G12 camera to record video over the activities that I follow and lead. For a temporarily, I serve you all the pictures taken by a photographer who is not pro with 'angkang' camera kekeke...

freedomfilmfest 2010 which held on 16 Oct 2010 - 17 Oct 2010
at the Menara PKNS, Petaling Jaya

the program of activity & a synopsis of the film was found in this booklet

The biggest movie tickets I have ever seen huhuhu...a4 size owhh...
oh yea, before we can enter the hall to watch movie, we must go to the ticket counter to ask for chop .. it seems a bit leceh, because we watched 6 movies owhhh ... just imagine 6 times to go to counter just for the chop...

Our Big Screen

The person who give the talk first b4 the movie start

free stuff do we get from the freedomfilmfest 2010

Dedek do the conference hooho

so starving..we dinner at mamak restoran...not enough money to go to KFC kekeke

My lil'Bro Amin aka Selipar Jepun
The best teacher i've ever met Sir Joshua Hooi 

The best thing is..Our Crews "Makbulkah Doa" were also coming for the success of the freedomfilmfest 2010
(From Left: Abul, Me, Farah, Fahmi, & Amin)


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